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best access control card HID

Choose an access card or badge

Give your members a card to identify at the point of access. Reader more >
electronic mortise lock with access control system

ID card wholeseller

When choosing HID cards, it is essential to consider pricing but also availability: Alphacard.com, IDwholesaler.com, identicard.com or idcardgroup.com are good places to buy HID ID cards.

Types of HID readers for your door

See if a higher end reader or a standard solution is the way to go. Choose reader >
Physical Access Control System - Key Cards for Swipe Access

Types of HID cards

The most used HID cards are: SEOS iClass SE, HID iClass, FlexSmart / MiFare / DesFIRE, HID Prox, HID Indala Proximity.

Best HID reader choice