Guide to Commercial Access Control Systems

Have a question about how access control systems work? Here, we detail all the information you need to get started on door security, Physical Access Control Systems (PACS), key fobs, and more!

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Electronic Locks

Electronic Locks are locking mechanisms which utilises an electric current to trigger the unlock. In other words, instead of using an old-school key to open your door, you can activate an unlock from an access control system that utilizes a key fob, a key card, or even a phone.
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Verifying the credentials of entrants is a must-have security feature for private spaces, especially for places with very high human traffic. Authentification systems have to be combined with electronic locks for them to work, such as a key card system on an electric strike door.
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Physical Access Control Systems (PACS)

Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) are security solutions that allow you to manage and regulate access permission levels of users in your space; permissions are granted based on their roles within the organisation. Here, we will look at PACS that control access specifically for doors.
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