Introducing the Kisi Access Control System for Growing Companies

Kisi provides secure access control to businesses in need of key management for employees. When you install the Kisi mobile access control system, you can monitor access logs and issue keys to anyone with a smartphone.

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Control Access by Location

Make sure that unlocks are only from nearby authorized key holders to prevent possible security breaches.

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Facility Access Control

Admins can issue smartphone keys for the KISI electronic access control system from the mobile or web app.

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Share Smartphone Keys

Organize key holders into access groups to make sure only the right people have access to your office door.

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Segment Keyholders

Access Control Products
Secure Access Control Key groups

KISI Access Control System features that save you time.

Most electronic access control services only protect your front door. KISI does more. A lot more. With KISI you can monitor access logs from your smartphone, control access by location, and issue new smartphone keys on the fly.

Monitor Access Control System Logs

Monitor unlock logs through WiFi. Get notified when your door is unlocked.

Best Access Control Systems for Business

Segment keyholders into convenient access groups to control access rights.

Access Control System Settings

Control access to your door by day of the week, time, or location.

Access Control System Location Restrictions

Location based unlock notifications restrictions.

Build Access Control Products

Open API to build robust access and door entry integrations.

KISI Access Control System Mobile App

Unlock your door from anywhere with WiFi connectivity.

Over 10,000 users unlock doors with Kisi

KISI enables brands big and small to control their access control systems.

“With Kisi, you can set the timer for certain days such as from 8am to 5pm to be unlocked such that people don't get locked out of the building and office”

Access Control for Coworking Spaces
Access Control for SMBs

“ The key aspect and benefit of KISI is to automate on-boarding of members, all the way to the locks.”

Rabih Helou

Co-Founder of BeautyShoppe

“It does not get any easier than Kisi. I may not always have my wallet on me, but I go nowhere without my phone.”

Enterprise Access Control

Get Kisi in your office today

Kisi is the only tool that allows you to track, manage, and monitor access to your office from your smartphone.

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Kisis mobile access system has been recognized by the following publications

Morgane Chang

Efficiency Manager at Bark & Co

Stephen Ruiz

Senior Associate at Cushman Wakefield

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